Matt Gerton

Front-end focused, full-stack capable developer who aims to balance technical expertise with a passion for user-centered design.

2909 North Sheridan Road #1605

Chicago, IL 60657

(847) 204-7603


Vibes, Chicago, IL – Software Engineer

May 2016 - Present

Software Engineer on a team focused on developing features for the company’s CRM platform, Catapult, used to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns for major brands across the US and Canada.

  • Build and maintain features for Catapult in Ruby/Rails, HTML, Sass, and BackboneJS
  • Work with fellow Engineers on front-end initiatives, such as code standards/style guides, better tooling, and new framework & architecture for platform
  • Work with Design/UX to ensure that implemented feature matches original vision

GoHealth, Chicago, IL – Web Engineer, Leads

October 2015 - February 2016

One of the lead developers on a team focusing on building technology for lead generation and lead distribution, one of the company's primary channels for revenue.

  • Work with Business Analysts, Product Owners, and business stakeholders to create an implementation proposal for a lead generation site platform as a replacement for the existing legacy codebase
  • Identify, document, and prioritize existing technical debt for various systems and work with Product Owner to translate into new projects
  • Maintain existing projects according to business needs

GoHealth, Chicago, IL – Web Engineer, Shopping

February 2014 - October 2015

Developer on a mid-sized product team with the primary responsibility of building and maintaining features for the GoHealth Marketplace, a shopping platform for the purchase of health insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Build and maintain features for the GoHealth Marketplace in AngularJS, HTML, and Sass with the occasional dash of Groovy and Ruby.
  • Lay groundwork for a revamped set of JavaScript code conventions and code styles to eventually be rolled out across the team and eventually entire company
  • Participate in discussions regarding JavaScript usage at the company and how to proceed with future applications and tools
  • Founder of a group to foster and improve upon company's developer culture by helping to organize hackathons and other developer-centric events
  • Function as a liaison between UX and Dev/Product teams to bring knowledge and awareness to usability practices and champion a user-centered approach to building applications

GoHealth, Chicago, IL – Web Developer, Consumer Marketing

January 2011 - February 2014

Developer on a small sub-team of the marketing team with a focus on updating and maintaining, various lead generation sites, and the company’s call center application.

  • Primary developer on a full-scale site redesign project for, with a focus on improving code standards and introducing new technologies (LESS)
  • Re-architect and develop new version of internal call center application with other developers using PHP and KnockoutJS
  • Active participant in technical discussions to migrate web properties to a static site model to allow for faster and more flexible development
  • Creator of a small app for proxying web requests to be used in development of static sites
  • Creator of a web app used by the team for coordinating weekly lunches

CME Group, Chicago, IL – Enterprise Architecture Intern

June 2010 - August 2010

Intern on the Enterprise Architecture team, focusing on learning about the role of Technology at a large company while focusing on a specific project during the duration of the internship.

  • Develop an internal-facing web application in .NET (C#) and Oracle SQL to monitor disk space usage of the company's applications
  • Work with full-time employees and interns to get feedback and improve usability of application
  • Attend learning sessions and classes with other interns to learn about the company's background and functions


University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA – Informatics (Music Minor)

August 2006 - December 2010

My degree in Informatics covers aspects of Engineering and Computer science. It also comes with a designed Liberal Arts supplement which, in my case, consists of music-centered courses (strict music and music technology such as Sound Engineering) that provides me with a Music minor in addition to my primary degree.